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Waiting for other shoe to drop

Posted by on September 14, 2007

So today one of my student loans is closed. Closed forever. The payment went through and here I am grinning like this is no tomorrow.   However, back in the back of my mind there is this little voice of worry. Nothing ever goes smoothly and good news doesn’t last for long. It just feels like I made this big accomplishment but there is something bigger waiting for me.

There is also a good chance I may have a job coming my way, as long as I don’t bomb an interview that I might get. So that’s exciting. Now I’m just hoping that is the case. hehe

So yea, this is all happening today. Possible job interview, loan gone, etc so I’m sitting here reveling in it all. It’s exciting and optimistic and I really need the stars to align in my favour.

But when is this other shoe going to drop?!? Maybe it won’t. Maybe it won’t take this feeling away from me this time. One can only hope. I will enjoy this feeling and keep hoping until something stops this world of optimism and relief I’m visiting in right now.

So other shoe, don’t drop. Stop casting a shadow on my beautiful Friday afternoon! :sunbathe: So go away!

One Response to Waiting for other shoe to drop

  1. John

    I agree…it better go away….better yet not even show its ugly face…

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