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What a week!

This will just be a quick rundown as I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I’m sitting under the apple tree out in the driveway while I watch John try to free a seized calipur. There isn’t anything I can do. Nor do I really want to. It’s the small, little stuff that bores me to tears. The greasing and upkeep. I like the overhauls, the big time consuming jobs I guess. Mind you, I can’t help him with it anyways as it’s a one person job. So I’m out here watching and offering assistance talking on msn, blogging, taking pics (which I’ll post later) of random animals. So far I’ve seen a woodpecker and a squirrel above my head in this tree. It’s cool. I just hope the pics come out! LOL

So a little update on Charles. He’s running. He turned on. However, it was a tense moment because it started squeeling. We figured that out…the starter was staying engaged. Then it stopped and we drove it and there was the loudest tick ever. It’s the strangest sound I’ve ever heard. Jerry hypothesized that the starter wasn’t fully disengaging so we got a new starter and voila! All is good in the neighbourhood. hehe

Once we got that going we had to fool with all the sockets and bulbs to make sure it was road worthy. We had to replace a couple bulbs and sockets but no biggie. What froze us in limbo was an electrical short. Everytime we turned the Jeep’s headlights on it would blow a fuse. We looked and looked each night after work. Tearing things apart. Finally John’s light bulb came on and it was the same problem we had before. We have a mysterious plug in the trunk that is a he and she so someone plugged them in thinking they were doing us a favour and well…they had nice intentions, let’s just leave it at that.

It’s fine and driving like a dream. We were convinced the windshield was going to fail us in safety so we were bracing ourselves. HOWEVER, windshield passed safety but the wheel cylinders in the rear brakes failed us. Along with the track bar in the front but John is almost done installing that now. A whole lot cheaper than a windshield that’s for sure.

I think we are going to go out tonight but we’ll see. I’m exhausted. I’ll try to make a go of it.

Oh yea, remind me to tell you about this little souped up acura that I encountered this evening (lol) because I gotta run. Battery in craptop is dying…. That is a quick update on us so have a great one :cheers:

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