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What am I doing in this basket and where am I going?

Good question. But I’m in a basket and have been expedited to where ever baskets go. 😉 What a friggin week this has been. Blah. I won’t go into it’s antics more than I already have nor will I add the nonsense of yesterday.

However, we did go to the Civil Banquet last night. That was a pretty good time. I actually wore a dress and shoes AND blow-dried my hair! haha I must say we all looked pretty hot last night. hehe Here a few pics from last night. 🙂

Before we headed to the Lord Beaverbrook:


Dining in fine style:


Funtimes when we got back 😉



Of course we sat around having a few drinks, having some laughs and watching the boys play hockey. Same ol’ as most weekends. I’ll miss this once everyone is gone (which is going to be very soon) and we’ll have to act more “grown up.” hehe

But it’s the first time in forever that I stayed up until 4am watching movies. It was a pretty great time. I don’t know why we don’t do it more often. :thumbsup: We’ll definitely have to do it sometime before the summer…. maybe we should even put a mini-pubcrawl into the works for April to celebrate everyone being done, exams being over, *cough*my birthday *cough*. Who knows what antics will be had in the next 2 months but I know I’ll sit back and enjoy them and try not to think about the crappy week…I’m sure I’ll have a few more of those before our time is up here too. 🙁

Maybe I should go get dressed and maybe make supper….yes that’s right supper and I’m still not dressed. :vhappy:

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