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What will your obituary say?

Posted by on November 19, 2007

What will your obituary say?

Screamingly in a speeding car, Laura A died before telling anyone where she buried her treasure. Laura A will be terribly missed by all of her imaginary friends.

Man, eerie. Do they know me or something?! (lol)

6 Responses to What will your obituary say?

  1. John

    Awaiting trial for lewd behaviour, John A died with a smirk on his face.

    John A will be terribly missed by Chuck Norris.

  2. Michelle Heighton

    Tearfully in a hot tub, Michelle H died in the arms of their lover. Michelle H will be terribly missed by many a local transsexual prostitute.
    Okay, so this quiz site hates me and I hate it. Everyone else gets cute funny answers, I find out the movie of my life is about being alone for 100 years and now apparently it seems that after my 100 years alone only the transexual prostitutes will miss me. Screw you fake quizes!!!

  3. Michelle

    Haha, apparently my epitaph will read:

    Michelle H

    I lived as I died. Eating a triple chili hot dog.

  4. Meghan

    Crazed with gluttony, Meghan N died laughing hysterically.

    Meghan N will be terribly missed by Paris Hilton.

  5. buffy

    Awaiting trial for lewd behavior Shannon died a horrific death. Shannon will be missed by an easy bake oven.

    man i always wanted an easy bake oven!

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