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Where are my girls at?

I miss my girls (and girls in general). It’s just Meghan and I in this big, boring, city. It’s not enough. There is too much testosterone. hehe I just miss girl’s nights. Sit around in comfy clothes eating candy and watching movies. It sounds like heaven doesn’t it?! (lol) But now we’re old enough to drink while doing all these things…definitely pure bliss. Combine that with some dancing maybe or a pub and it would be a dream come true for me! 😉

I haven’t seen many, if any of my girlfriends, since the wedding. Fredericton is just too far and too boring to visit. Whenever we tried to get away it snowed here….we got sick….the car broke, etc etc. But come summertime we are going to be closer than Freddy and will hopefully have more money so we can travel to visit people. It should be easier this year since there is no wedding to plan and pay for.

We need to plan some girl time…no boys allowed! I’m in need of that time. Anyone else with me? hehe

It just seems every one is so busy with life and bills and significant others or whoevers that friends kind of get pushed to the background. I’m guilty of it too at times. Life happens. But, I swore I would try to make a conscious effort this year to keep in touch with friends and to see them more often because who knows where John and I will be planning to go this time next year! Hopefully it’s not too far but one can never be certain. I’ll go where ever the jobs take us. So I want to make the most of what I can now, instead of waiting until “tomorrow” like usual.

I’m just feeling blah and missing the connection of friends and family. I just feel so disconnected from everyone up here. It’s rough. A few others know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s hard being away from friends and family and not liking your town/city and not liking what you are doing. But I take solace in that we are going to be out of here in one short year! 🙂 I just wanted people to know that I miss you and miss talking and hanging out with you. I haven’t forgotten about the fun we’ve all had and maybe I’ll guilt a few of you into having a girl’s night again! haha We all deserve it. Leave boyfriends, pets, husbands, girl friends, whatever floats your boat for a night or a weekend and lets all make plans.


  • Meghan

    I was just saying this!!! Now everyone you heard Laura..rather read her plea. So St.Pattys day we should make some pub crawl shirts…we really only have to go to Dolan’s 😉 and get the girls out. Like Laura said, its just us here poor and all alone. They’ve also been ultra sick…so Jill, Michelle, Lisa, and any other ladies I haven’t met we;re going nuts and we’ve also discovered the best shots EVER! So get your asses to Freddy and we’ll have good times. Lots of places for everyone to sleep and no excuses 😛

    PS Laura feel better I miss you 🙁

  • Jillian

    :@@ we need some fun nights, i dont know if i can do st pattys day though, i will see if i can make it but if not we need some fun times :cheers:

    • Laura

      You have to come up. If you can’t make it for :paddys: I guess we’ll have to reschedule. I have a big paper on the 26th and then come exams…but we should plan for a big something or other after exams and before you leave for Hali. Maybe have a shindig in Hali your last Fri or Sat you are there in May.

  • shannon

    come visit halifax laura…theres plenty of girls here, though no drinking for me I’m still up for candy and movies anytime.

    • Laura

      Halifax sounds awesome to me. I definitely want to get down there to see you soon. Candy and movies…just like old times…although I don’t think I can pull the all-nighters like we used to. I’m old. hehe

  • Liz

    I want garlic fingers and laughter that is way too infectious… and I have been craving “Zak’s Frozen Yogurt” lately… I remember one flavour was vanilla custard, and I also liked cheesecake… with gummi bears frozen in it…

    • Laura

      Oh, I forgot about “Zaks frozen yogurt”….YUM! Those were the days. I liked getting ice cream with gummi bears frozen on it…thanks, now you got me craving it too! 😉 Not to mention the garlic fingers…I miss that food from home and nothing compares! hehe

  • Lisa Boutilier

    Hey! I was up in November…..I am IN for a girls weekend. I am also in desperate need and miss you and our regular craziness….we should plan something soon!

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