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Back from NS

So my whirlwind trip to NS is over.

I’m back to the usual grindstone.

But there is a difference.

I feel refreshed. But talk to me after the end of the week, maybe I’ll be back to exhausted and stressed. lol

I wish I could have stayed longer but it was not in the cards but I basically got to do everything I wanted and see all the people I wanted to see so it was all good in the hood. It was just quick visits (for the most part).

But I noticed more differences than I thought. When people asked the differences from there to here I couldn’t explain it but being home for that short time I am slowly able to build a list of slight differences. I learned a lot.

I learned that people in AB talk S.L.O.W.  I never noticed it until I went back home and was chatting with friends. We talk at a much faster rate…which also causes my “accent” to come out.

I learned that when your ears don’t pop it’s REALLY painful! I now know what Greg went through on one of our family vacations and the infamous landing in Montreal. But lets just say the flight back was better but my ears are still ‘unpopped’ from that first flight.

I learned that I forgot what potholes are. Like seriously, how is this one even possible. It made me appreciate AB roads a whole lot more. The potholes can eat your car in an instant.

I learned that AB doesn’t have “real” pubs nor would they know what to do if they had one. Now if only some bands from back East would travel past Ontario and perform around here, it would be great!

I learned that a cold dry cold (aka Alberta Clippers) is a “better” cold. I was colder on Monday/Tuesday than I was on my whole visit and temperatures were a lot higher. Still cold but a lot higher. It’s that damn dampness.

I learned that I have some pretty awesome friends!! Who else would drive to Hali to see my sorry @$$ and then not tell me they were tired while out. Who knew bars were open & bands will play until 3:30am. My body was on AB time thinking it was 12:30am so I was none the wiser. But no one said a word.

I learned that AB really needs to learn how to take care of roads after a storm and when they are icy.  Frig the roads are clear not long after a major storm back home and the storm we got Monday night while I was there would have been a disaster of monumental proportions had it been here.

I learned that baby spit-up on your day off is ok. Thanks for that piece of info Austin! 😉

I learned that Albertans have a problem with personal space.  In that they don’t like to have people close when they talk. It lacks a real human connection. I didn’t realize it until I was back and I liked it. People back home would be considered to be in an Albertans space but to me, it was just comforting. Close enough that they are almost touching your arms/shoulders with theirs but far enough away they aren’t in your face making you uncomfortable.

I learned that food just tastes better.

So there you have it folks. There are some of the differences I could come up with at this half hour before running to work.

Pics to follow sometime soon.

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