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1 Year Later

Our anniversary weekend was just what we needed. Dining out, flowers, romance, quiet, Sleeping Beauty, & Grey’s Anatomy…could I have asked for more?! (lol)

My, how things change in a year eh!? Fredericton was beautiful. We even got to see Kimball….he flew in early so we met up with him for a lunch at Swiss Chalet with him and Heather & James. It was great. One year to do the day….

I seriously almost shed a tear walking into our apartment with all of our stuff. It was pure magic.

I’ll explain the picnic on the deck…I’m sure some of you will be wondering. We had all intentions of going to Odell or something but we went out to lunch with Kimball. By the time we got home and were hungry again we didn’t have much sunlight and it had showered so everything was damp. We didn’t want to not have our picnic so we improvised and set it up on the deck. Are we geeks…..probably but we really don’t care! 😉

So here are some of the pics of last weekend.
















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