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New format, friends with new jobs and me still needing work…bah

So I decided last night I was going to re-do my blog. Well here it is.

What does everyone think?

I like the fact that it changes colour on almost every screen refresh. I’m thinking about changing the pics from above and using more personal ones of my own. Eventually I think I will but for now the novelty still hasn’t worn off! 😉

I’m trying to think of other features to add and pages to add but I’m at a loss. I may add a photo gallery but I could do that on the main myviewfromhere.com website. Speaking of that, I have no idea what to use the main website for anymore. It was a great wedding website and the first year but now what…..maybe just the blog? Who knows?! Why would I pay for a website when it’s just a blog when I can get all that for free though? I can’t seem to justify that one! hehe

So I must congratulate Peter as he no longer works at his old job and got a new one that he’s really excited about!! Maybe we’ll all hit the town tonight, who knows. :drunk:

I still haven’t heard about work and I’m getting real antsy. I thought for sure I had my foot in the door and had a great lead. Heck, I was even getting emails regularily. I even got one on Wed. or something of last week. That’s a good sign isn’t it?! Maybe it’s not. I’m slowly running out of time. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock….

Maybe this week holds a miracle for me.

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