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Funny how things change

Day 6: Reminiscing
Day 6: Reminiscing

You know what!?  I never used to care for geraniums. I don’t know why. Just didn’t.  I always thought of them as an “old lady” flower.  Probably since that was one of the main staples in my Gram’s gardens and pots. But since starting my own garden I’ve learned there is more to Geraniums than just the standard white and red and bright pink.

This one if my favourite. I don’t remember what the name of this one is but it’s white (duh!) with dark pink streaks.  It’s great. It’s my favourite. And of course when I went back to get 1 more they had none.  So I had to get one that was similar but more pink.  It was called apple blossom geraniums since that is what it looked like.  But it’s not as nice (in my opinion) than this one. But it’s a close second!

But today as I was walking past my garden, a slight breeze came and I was taken back.  Taken back to my Gram’s house, more specifically her garden and helping her garden.  I was instantly transported. And all of a sudden, I like…scratch that…love the smell of these “stinky” Geraniums.  Funny how that works eh?!  It takes you back to a person… a moment… a memory and it changes previous conceptions.  And you love it.  Not because it actually smells awesome.  But because it smells like your past.  A place that you would love to go back to.  If even just for 5 minutes.  To go back and take in the surroundings and the company.  To have 5 minutes when all you wanted was to stop smelling these plants and be somewhere else….anywhere else…and realize how nice it actually is. And how much you actually miss it in the years to follow.

I will always plant a geranium or two somewhere.  It’s not in Gram’s Red style or even plain white (which she was also known to have quite a few of) but I know. John knows. And my brothers know.  They too would be taken back by smelling this plant I’m sure.  It’s my way of keeping that part of my memory alive and with me each day.

It was my muse.  My inspiration.  My unintentional muse of the day. *sigh*


    • LJ

      I didn’t. I totally thought it was in there. When I read the comment I thought, “man Mom, you must be blind”. But then it wasn’t there. I know I went back and did some editing so maybe I deleted a sentence I shouldn’t have.

  • Kathryn

    Just had a thought/question…..are you planning to put them in flower pots and take them in for the winter like Gram did with some of hers…I know she didn’t do it with all of them, just some????

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