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And the green grass grew all around, all around

Posted by on July 31, 2009

The green grass grew all around!

Day 7: Needs a Trim

Day 7: Needs a Trim

So it’s been just about 3 weeks since our back breaking labour of laying topsoil and sod.  And the grass has taken off.  It has a mind of it’s own!  It could have….should have…been cut last weekend but John wanted to wait so here we are. It’s ridiculously long. But the length helps keep in the moisture which is a necessity since it hardly ever rains here.  It’ll help keep our water bill down. I’m afraid to get the water bill for last month….ack! But it paid off and our lawn flourishes.  It’s a beautiful deep green and growing like a weed.  J mowed it this evening after work and it filled the bag 1.5 times.  Which is a lot considering how small our yard is… just the front and side to mow.  All of 10 minutes.  Walking on it is so soft and nice.  I love being barefoot and walking through soft grass is almost heaven to my feet.  Heaven being walking through the sand to the ocean.

It’s hard to tell how long this grass actually is.  But I think you can tell it’s long.  The bottom of the pic is the concrete driveway (you can slightly see it in the bottom left corner) and the rest was our lawn.  Some of the lawn was so thick that once we cut it, it was slightly yellow in spots because the thickness slowed the new growth down from being able to reach the sun. It will be a sweet day when we can put sod and such in our backyard. Oh I can’t wait!

So there you have it folks.  My beautifully long green grass…that grew all around, all around….

Now to find a whipper snipper to edge along the house and lattice. I will have to continue to do it by hard by the garden so the grass doesn’t go flying into my garden…that would drive me crazy. hehe

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