2009,  House

2 months!!

2 Months until we have our new house! 60 days from now we could have keys in hand and moving boxes out of our little apartment into our house. 🙂

Everything is in order now. It’s just sitting back and waiting. And that is brutal. More time consuming than the running around we were doing when trying to decide on a house.

We drive by the place every time we are in the vacinity and we are constantly talking about things we want to do, need to, need to  buy, etc. I sometimes just wish we can stop thinking about our house because it makes time move soooo slow. I want to be there now.

Man, I’m not known for my patience.

This is going to be brutal.

I’m so friggin excited.

The “real” sold sign is on the house now. And that made it just a little bit more real.

All finances are in order and papers are where papers need to be.  We have a lawyer.

Now all we have is time.

Time.  It’s never-ending. It’s all we have.

Hurry up 60 days….bring me my house! 🙂

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