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Time change lag

So this time change is messing with my mind. It’s sweet that it’s still daylight at 8 but man oh man, trying to get up in the a.m. for work is brutal. I just want to keep sleeping. Hopefully this trend continues until the weekend so I can take full advantage.  And to top it all off this morning I had a really rough time getting up. As in, I laid in bed until the last possible second that I could without throwing off my morning routine. I even ended up with 10 minutes to spare. Just long enough to check my stuff online and call John at work to see if 3rd Street (my way to work) is still closed. Yea, yesterday around 12 our whole condo building shook. Why? HUGE water main break just down the road. Therefore closing my way to and and from work adding lots of minutes to my commute.

Ok, back on track.

I’m rounding up my stuff and leave for work. It’s very cold out so I start the car. Get out and unplug it. Sit for a second as my phone rings and start backing out. Then, wtf. My wheel will not move. I cannot turn it as hard as I try. By now I’m out in the middle of the parking lot lane so I tell John and he’s off to come get me. I pull back into my spot and call work to tell them I’m going to be late.

John arrives and I ask him to go check it incase whatever is frozen or whatever unfreezes. I want him to see what was happening. He planned on starting the car, locking it, and take me to work. He’s just about to start it when I see it. A huge red puddle under my car. Not good. Fan-freakin-tastic. Power steering fluid everywhere.That’s not good.

Why on Earth it happened now and not before we made the deposit on our house. lol

Great timing Oli (yes, my car’s name is Oli. Short for Oliver. As in the Green Arrow).

So the car ended up getting towed to the mechanics and maybe we will know something tomorrow sometime. The weird twist of fate of it all was that we had an appt. with the mechanic tomorrow morning at 8am and we were talking about driving the car to the mechanics tonight when I realized our car was busted.  We had an e-brake light on that would no longer turn off so he was going to fix the sensor or do whatever to fix that. Well, John told him we needed to change the scope for our appt. to see why our steering wheel won’t turn. He’s all over it.

I hope it’s just a hose. It’s looking like it’s just a hose. No weird sounds when it was running for those 2 minutes. But then again at the same time, we don’t have the kind of luck that it’ll just be a hose. It’ll be the pump with our luck.

But keep your fingers crossed.

So there is my Tuesday morning. But I did manage to only be 5 minutes late for work!

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