2009,  AB

2009 Wrap-up

So many people are bidding 2009 a fond farewell and kicking it to the curb. But I’m actually going to miss it… we actually had a great year (for once! hehe)! We survived all the mass layoffs in Alberta, paid down some of the massive student loan debt, we bought our first home, I watched one of my best friends get married, we are expecting our first baby….and we can’t forget about Scotia!!

I’m actually going to be a little sad to bid it adieu but excited for the promise that 2010 brings! It’s looking like it’s going to be a good one. We are due for a little one in July, we have U2 tickets for June, we are going to finish our backyard in May/June, we plan to have a getaway somewhere in the spring for an “babymoon”, and homeward bound lots…or at least people will bring home to us. Remember, if you are near PC and don’t bring me out a pizza I will be very disappointed!

So all the best in the coming year!!

I miss you all… πŸ™


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