2009,  Baby A

Wise Words

I found this before we were pregnant and kept it because I knew how important it was going to be.  Now that we’ve had complications I see the importance of these little reminders even more so.  The non-bold are my words as I felt the need to comment on some, you know I like to “talk”. lol

Trimester one (October 17-January 1)

I will try to live the next 3 months without fear. (I was doing well with this until Nov 24 and on Dec 16 my fear left again)
I will try to have faith that while I cannot see or feel my baby she is thriving.
(This one fits with my mantra: “My baby is happy & healthy and growing just as it should be!” I can’t even count the number of times I said and prayed this in my mind)
I will have patience with morning sickness and try to remember it will be worth it.
(So glad I never had sickness!)
I will try to remember that no matter how sick I am, the baby is getting what he needs.
(Again, I was lucky in this aspect)
I will accept that I have no morning sickness and that does not mean something is wrong.
(This is harder to come to terms with than you would think!)
I will console those with losses without becoming obsessed with the possibility of my own.
(Again, this was really hard to do…but I managed)
I will try to make healthy choices for me and my baby while forgiving myself of not so great choices I cannot change.
(I am definitely content with my choices for sure!)
I will accept “advice” from those around me with good humor and continue making my own decisions.
(Oh unsolicited advice…. :P)
I will try to understand that while 15000002 things can go wrong, it only has to go right once.
(So True!)
I will have faith that every little cell is becoming what it needs to be to create my child.
(Again, this goes with my mantra)
I will remember that spotting, while terrifying, is sometimes merely spotting.
(And sometimes it’s not just merely spotting, but is ok in the end anyway)
I will not allow fear to control my food choices, but try to have the strength to make good decisions more often than not.
(Didn’t happen. I might have eaten things I shouldn’t but I’m ok with it. Moderation is the key to everything I say. No sense worrying about the little stuff)

Trimester two (January 2-April 16)

I will enjoy these next three months.
I will take time to stop and enjoy those kicks and rolls because it is all over too soon.
I will continue to make healthy choices without feeling guilty about having a weak moment.
I will enjoy my food without allowing fear to rule the choices I make.
I will try to accept that even though 50003 things can go wrong it only has to go right once.
I will love my blooming body because I know one day I will miss it.
I will cherish time alone with my spouse.
I will accept “advice” from those around me with good humor and continue making my own decisions.
I will try to remember that while spotting is still terrifying, sometimes it is merely spotting.

Trimester three (April 17 – July 10)

I will enjoy my last three months of pregnancy.
I will spend time rubbing my belly and watching the baby kick, roll and hiccup.
I will try to remember that the swollen ankles, sore back, itchy skin and reduced mobility will be worth it.
I will have good humor about the fact I am constantly peeing, farting or burping.
I will sleep just because I can.
I will not allow every twinge to send me into panic about labour.
I will find peace in knowing a baby comes out eventually, even if it is not on schedule.
I will take at least one picture of naked belly because I know I will miss it.
I will thank my spouse for being so amazing during the last few months.
I will make healthy choices as often as I can.
I will not allow fear to govern my food choices.
I will become educated about breast and bottle feeding and make the best choice for me, and not feel guilty about it.
I will prepare myself for birth without become fearful of it.
I will get my fears out in the open and discuss them.
I will get over the fact I will poop on the table and remember that no one cares.
I will try to bring my child into this world as peacefully as possible, no matter if it vaginal or c-section.
I will try to remember as many moments of the first 24 hours with my child and show them as much love as possible.
I will say at the end “Yes, that was worth it”.

Post Partum (Hopefully July 10 and on!)

I will not allow myself to call my body ugly. It is in perfect shape for what it just did.
I will try and see stretch marks as badges of pregnancy.
I will try and understand that no one sees those stretch marks as much as I do.
I will seek help if needed.
I will not be ashamed to admit I do not know everything, or anything.
I will remember to kiss my spouse every day.
I will not allow my fear of germs to prevent me from going out.
I will not allow my fear of SIDS to prevent me from sleeping.
I will accept “advice” from those around me with good humor and continue making the best choices I can.
I will make choices that I feel are best for my family and try to not feel guilty.
I will accept that others make different choices and they are not wrong.

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  • shannon

    Positive thinking at its best, they are all very true. i’m so excited for u and john, you’re going to be great parents.

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