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Advent Calendar

2013 Calendar

Well I finally got on the ball and finished the Advent Calendar tonight. I did “cheat” a bit as I got a template for the numbers off the internet that was free shared because I didn’t have enough time to design my own. I came up with a list of 50+ activities to add to each day and added the ones we wanted to do with the boys. I also laminated those so we can just re-use them each year and easily add to them as the kids get older.

Something like this:


Here’s the list of things we are doing this year:

  1. Get photos taken by Jenn
  2. Watch Frosty the Snowman
  3. Make Salt Dough Ornaments
  4. Write a letter to Santa
  5. Visit Santa
  6. Have a special treat
  7. Pick out a Christmas Tree
  8. Watch Polar Express
  9. Decorate the Tree
  10. Make Rice Krispie Treats
  11. Go to Old Tyme Christmas
  12. Have a Glow Stick Bubble Bath
  13. Go for Ice Cream
  14. Have a Picnic in front of the Tree by Christmas Light
  15. Go see “Frozen”
  16. Make Playdoh
  17. Bake Cookies
  18. Paint a Picture
  19. Go to Tim Hortons & buy a Stranger a Coffee
  20. Hide’n’Seek Present
  21. Go Swimming
  22. Bake Cookies for Santa
  23. Make Reindeer Food
  24. Open a Christmas Present

We had 61 total but as of right now, this is what is planned on the calendar. I hope the boys enjoy it as much as I’m going to.



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