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18w Scan = Complete

Well yesterday was the anatomy scan in Calgary. We stayed overnight since I was the first ultrasound of the day at 7:45am. No way we’d be driving for that. Brutal time. I had to get up early just to make sure I drank water with enough time. For those who know me, know I love my sleep and getting up before I really have/want to for drinking water was like torture but it was worth it.

Finally our turn and it was the same room I had been in for N’s fetal echo. I’ve never seen any of the other rooms. Maybe the next appt. I will. N started panicking a bit when the lights went down but I think that’s his PTSD and assuming it was going to be home poked and prodded. Shortly he realized he was “safe” and this was all me he went back to his stroller and amused himself with his toys. E started getting antsy after holding my hand for a second so we gave him milk and grapes and he sat in the stroller. We got to talking to the tech and she asked if we explained about my apprehension and nerves and about N. She asked about markers and all that and we explained the few things that you *might* see on the ultrasound that might point to CHARGE. As soon as we were mentioning about ears and she said “tell me about them” one popped right up on the screen for us to see. It was great timing and something I NEVER saw with N. Probably because he was born with paper thin ears with no cartilage. So that made me feel better.

This baby opened its mouth a lot, sucked on its thumbs, threw its head back like s/he was belly laughing. Maybe this baby will laugh loud and proud and all the time like someone I know. 😉 It made me well up because I didn’t see that, or rather see it often with N. He never sucked his thumb or anything and didn’t really have that reflex after birth either. E was always sucking on or playing with the umbilical cord. It also gave me some relief because the baby seems to be bigger than average for gestation. N was always bang on (until the end when he was only ~4lb3oz at 34w) but this one is measuring exactly 1/2lb and that’s higher than most at this gestation by a couple weeks. Again, I know I *should* grow big babies so hopefully it’s another positive sign. The baby’s jaw does not look small either. A great defined jawline. I swear I saw hair on the ultrasound as well, but I don’t know if it is too early or not. Oh well, we will see. All my babies are pretty bald after a month or so when the reddish hair falls out so I expect the same this time. But maybe I will get a surprise, I do have more indigestion or something than either of my other pregnancies. I’ll laugh if this one has dark hair or something. LOL

I got a photo and it’s so clear and the photos on the disk we opted to buy of the images. It’s amazing to see. I wish the local u/s clinic here did photo disks because it’s so much clearer than their print out. I will share soon, I promise.

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