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An Early Childhood Educator

The early childhood teacher holds several roles.
The teacher must love all of her children and treat them as equal but
special individuals, thus she is a mother.
The teacher must ask though provoking questions and encourage
exploration and investigation, thus she is a scientist.
The teacher must sing loud and proud, even if she can not carry a tune,
thus she is a musician.
The teacher must run, hop, jump, skip, and tumble with the children,
thus she is a gymnast.
The teacher must share accounts of far away lands and imaginary people,
thus she is a storyteller.
The teacher must bandage scraped knees and kiss “ouchies”, thus she is a
The teacher must give words of encouragement, louder and stronger than
anyone thought possible, thus she is a cheerleader.
The teacher must listen with open ears and an empathetic heart, thus she
is a friend.
The teacher does not entertain, dictate, police, referee, lecture,
demolish, or judge.
The teacher is a facilitator, enabler, questioner, encourager,
organizer, nurturer, backer, advocator,
and supporter.
The early childhood teacher holds several roles, each different in
action, but equal in importance.
To teach is to touch a life forever.
And that is what the most important role of the teacher is.


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