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“Jena” by John Cougar Mellencamp

I had a blog written for quite some time about this incident, but I just kept it in draft and didn’t publish it. I didn’t feel it was complete. That is said everything I wanted to say, everything it needed to say. I wanted to do this subject justice as it’s one that I have been following for months now.

It’s a disgrace.

It’s craziness.

Newsflash: it’s 2007.

Hopefully everyone has heard about this by now and it’s not new news to anyone (Link to the story HERE). However, it might not surprise me either because the media is using Paris, Lindsay and Britney as a smoke screen. Disgrace.

But here are some links and sites you can check out and read. I found them very eyeopening and well done. Some progress has been made. Bell, the first tried and found guilty, but that was thrown out on appeal as it should have been done in Juvenile Court. But there is still a lot of craziness surrounding this case that’s for sure. I could try to say everything these people said but they did it so well that I will put my words aside and let you check out theirs.

Case Issues

While Seated: Jena 6

So there it is. Not in my words really. But still there nevertheless.

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