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So I’m sitting here bored and alone…

and it’s only been a full 24 hours. I’m such a loser. :p

I got up alone and came home to an empty house. BORING. It sucks. This is when I wish that we still had a roommate.

I didn’t know what to make for supper and I didn’t really want to…I was exhausted. Monday after a long weekend and crazy kids is a recipe for crashing on the couch. But I had to force myself up off of the couch and get something to eat. Mind you, it was 2 lowly, gross hotdogs. Don’t get my wrong, they tasted good but I could have/should have had something better to eat. I feel a box of KD coming on for tomorrow evening! I don’t know which is worse. hehe

I wanted to go out and grab a few groceries, but it didn’t happen.

Instead I ate my hotdogs and drank my cranberry juice and surfed and played the Wii and surfed the net some more.

This is what you get living alone and not having friends in town…sore Wii muscles from a night of Wii.

Also, I had the extreme pleasure of hearing from the NSLSC. Oh joy, oh bliss, oh lucky me! Nothing major, but just to add to the “awesome-ness” of my evening.

I will force myself to get out tomorrow. I think I would want to more if I could drive around listening to tunes. But, alas, someone stole our stereo and I was instructed how to put it back in the dash but it won’t work for me. I have all the connections. I only had to make one connection, the ground, and the damn thing still won’t turn on. J will come and fix it within 30 secs-2 min I’m sure.

I need my independence (& I know it’s there) but I can’t do this simple task of connecting a connector and hearing tunes. I can’t even cook myself a decent supper. What has happened to me?!? I used to be so self-sufficient. I can only imagine how the next 3 weeks are going to go, I’m sure it’s going to deteriorate further on my end. Foods high in transfats and Wii is in store for me. And a lot of long distance minutes on my cell phone. God, how do people stand my awesome-ness!!??

I will say, the best part of tonight (other than talking to J) is the score of the Montreal-Philly game. On the doorstep of losing 2 games in a row…pretty awesome. They barely squeaked out the first win so it would be 3-0 in the series but I’ll have to settle for 2-1. Hopefully a series loss but just by blogging about this (I swore I wouldn’t) just cursed me so the Habs will make this miraculous comeback I’m sure. Boo to that. But until then, I’ll remain overjoyed nursing my sore Wii muscles and going to bed early.


  • John

    I Can tell you what happened, you married me. And well I love food, which means I love to cook. (lol). This year I did get home before almost everyday and I procrastinated by cooking…I know at the start of the year my cooking wasn’t the greatest but it got better as the time passed. Or maybe we just got used to how shitty it was.

    Thank you for the confidence in my handyman abilities, but in all honestly, I screwed around with that think for like 2 hours to get it to wrok before. I just cleaned it up to make it seem like I knew what I was doing. (lol) Really, it took me longer to get the stereo working in the jeep then it did to get the vent window installed.

    This will soon be over an come ell or high water I will be in Fredericton on Friday night. Even if I have to drive to Saint John to get there.

    I love you laura.

  • Jillian

    hey you, i hope u arent feeling as lonely like i said if i wasnt working i would so be in freddy to hang out with ya….maybe when i get back i will visit for a night or two….i love your cooking and if i was there i would so make u cook spaghetti or you make a mean pizza pocket or buffalo dip…

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