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    I should be in bed

    I’m glad that this weekend is a long weekend. It would be even sweeter if we had Monday off as well. But, we don’t. That’s the way the cookie crumbles out here in the wild west. No Easter dinner. No ham. No scallop potatoes a la Mom. No apple sauce. Just J and I. And maybe Phil. But no Mini Eggs.  What is Easter without mini eggs!? Damn braces. lol So far this week has been going well. It’s half over. I can do whatever on Friday. I think I’m going to bake. I’ve been craving sweets every day now for the past 2 weeks.  It’s unreal. But at least…

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    Gone again

    Well, Christmas has come and gone and I’m back to work. Everyone is asking about my Christmas and how it was. My answer. Different. Good….but different. It’s hard to explain. Don’t get me wrong I really loved getting to spend the holidays with J and to lounge on the couch for days on end eating the candy & chocolates I got for Christmas and watching movies. And maybe enjoying an alcoholic drink every now and then. I got lots of amazing presents from here, afar, and from J (he did really good picking presents) and we had an amazing turkey dinner with lots of home baking but it was different.…

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    Merry Christmas Eve

    I am so excited for Santa…he’s going to be here soon. I wonder what will be under that tree (& in my stocking) for me. hehe It’s our first Gingerbread House. Not bad if you ask me! 😉 Happy Holidays!!

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    Baking…Christmas Baking

    I’m going to be baking today and that excites me. I don’t know what exactly I’m going to make and what I’m going to do with it all, but I have to. It’s what I do. I’m sadly not going to be able to give it to friends and family like I did last year, which sucks.  I love to share my baking. I guess we are going to have a freezer full of baked goods. Do you know what else is going to be really different this Christmas? I can’t find a fresh turkey here in the Hat. They are all frozen. I’ve never used a frozen turkey ever…

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    It’s a wee bit nipply out there boys and girls.  Well more than nipply. We went from way above zero to way below zero in NO time. I awake this morning to -50 with the windchill. WTF. Now that is cold. I let my car run for 20 minutes before driving it away and even then it wasn’t too warm. But then I realize I’m not I dying of the cold. I focus for a minute and realize it’s not as cold as I thought it was going to be. I could still breathe. My limbs weren’t feeling like they were going to fall off. I didn’t even have my…


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