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Canada’s Ocean Playground

If God came here to Earth and asked where he could rest,
I’d take him to my Nova Scotia home, the place I love the best.

On the spur of a moment John and I decided to head to N.S. for a couple days. We were going to do it later in the summer but forgot that other weekends were already accounted for, so off we went.

I haven’t been home in months and I missed it. It’s one of the only places I can still seek refuge and find it. It made me remember why I loved my little “small town life.” It also made me remember why I left my little “small town life.”

But, it was so quiet.

No noise pollution.

No rude drivers everywhere driving in the left lane.

No accents, except for the ones people accuse “us” of having…but I beg to differ, we aren’t the ones with the accent. It really is slippy outside in the winter. And we do go to the outdoor when we are real sick. It’s pronounced Sundee, Mondee, Tuesdee, Wednesdee, Thursdee, Fridee, Saturdee….not day! I guess we too are sometimes heard mispronouncing milk but I would disagree. I don’t mispronounce my words! haha

The best pizza, garlic fingers and donairs in the world can be found on my Main Street. I can’t go home without eating lots and lots of it. I brought some back too but my pizza got eaten before I got home from work, so if anyone is coming back from that way and would bring a pep and cheese pizza from Andres I’d be eternally grateful! 😉

We ran errands with Mom and helped her find and organize stuff. John fell asleep each night real early and Mom & I stayed up until the wee hours just laying on her bed and talking. Just like before.

It’s these things that don’t change. It’s these things that keep me coming back. It’s these things that make me, ME.

I may not know where I am going to end up this time next year but I will always be a bluenoser at heart!


  • Michelle

    I know the feeling Laura! I was home for a couple weeks and I realized that it will always be my home. I might not live there now but it is where my heart is. I loved going home to my old bedroom (even though there have been some changes) and going to sleep with the only noise being the rustle of the leaves in the breeze and a train off in the distance. No traffic noise, no stop lights or street lights shining in my window, it was perfect. I drove the roads I used to know, seeing the old sights and wondering when all these changes had been made, I haven’t been gone that long, have I?? Memories of my not so distant childhood and teenage years flashing through my mind as I wonder if I did the right thing ever leaving. Would I appreciate my home if I had never left? I think I definately see home through new eyes now, even its imperfections seem special, uniquely mine. I go home and briefly relive my past, rethink my present and contemplate what the future holds for me. Will I return home? Will it stay only a place to visit on weekends and holidays? Only time will tell.

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