2007,  rants'r'us

Hello high school, my old friend.

I hated you then. I hate you even more now.

People, do you realize I am going to be 27?

High school was many moons ago.

Grow up.

Embrace Life.

Enjoy the change.

Discover yourself.

Lose this stupid teenage mentality.

I’m not stupid, nor was I at 13.

I don’t enjoy reliving the childishness again.

I can’t wait to get out.

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  • Mom

    I can’t say I hated school but I strongly disliked it and like that line says, I still feel the same way. It wasn’t the teachers or even fellow students, just tests, exams and those kinds of things. Oh well, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about those days…maybe this is where getting {notice I said getting :o) }older is a plus lol. Anyway, just thought I’d leave a comment. Haven’t left one in awhile. Keep up your blog messages, I enjoy reading them cause you have a great way with the written word. love you lots, Mom

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