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Carli & Laura did Cape Enrage

So after a brief internet hiatus I’m back. Back with a vengence. So much to tell you about. But I’m going to focus on the awesome weekend I had with Carli. What a way to send off New Brunswick and Carli. We owned Cape Enrage. It was perfect. Invigorating. Adrenaline rush. A laugh and a half.

I got to strike another thing off my ‘to-do list’.

Carli and I met in Moncton on Friday evening. We didn’t do anything but talk, watch the satellite (before it went down), and talk. It was just like old times, and I mean *old times*. We had a sleepover just like the good ol’days….right down to sharing the same bed. We made the obligatory apologies for any crowding or cuddling that might occur (which by the way, didn’t happen). But then it was almost a role reversal.

I took the outside of the bed. I always took the inside. Then it was Carli who kept me up, who kept me talking. I was fighting the dozing off the best I could and trying to be an active part of the conversation but eventually sleep took me. But I don’t think people can realize how big of a deal that is. Do you know how many times Carli yelled at me (and others) to shut the Hell up and let her sleep at our sleepovers!?! It was something that you could put money down on. But this time, it was me trying to sleep and Carli talking. But I was polite enough not to yell…I took it for what it was and enjoyed the talk and the memories. It was awesome.

We got up before 8 and showered and all that good stuff. Off to the Superstore so I could buy sunscreen and a t-shirt. Well, after 30 min or so I had sunscreen but came out with a new pair of yoga pants and no t-shirt. Carli came out a couple shirts newer too. We were going to cross the way to Timmies for breakfast but that didn’t happen as the line was ridiculous. So we agreed to grab something on our way out to Cape Enrage. Well, once we said “next bakery or cafe, we are stopping” you can guess what happened. There was no more. Luckily for us since we would have been even later.

Yes, that’s right. We were late. How do you ask?! I’m not sure. We left on time and early. And this time it wasn’t my fault; Wait, let me repeat that it was NOT my fault! We weren’t that late though and everything worked out in the end. S’all good.

The weather was perfect. It was a beautiful drive. Breathtaking scenery and I even got to do the rollercoaster yell on some of the hills/Carli’s turns.

First things first, we went to the zipline. We had 3 trips across and it was awesome! Such fun and a great way to start our day. I’m glad that we decided to do it first because I never would have been able to do it after the rapelling. It was 300m or something of the like, and I would definitely do it again.

Then came 12ish and it was rapelling time. We met back in the house thing and were joined by 4 other people rapelling and we got our instructions. Only I got the giggles and got them BAD. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control it. My cheeks hurt. My belly hurt. I played it off to nerves but seriously, I couldn’t contain myself. If only you could have seen this. See what I saw. It’s forever etched, I mean burned/scarred into my mind. *shudder* But still, it was damn funny and I still snicker about it now. I’m such a child.

So we hike off to the cliff. We let the other 2 pairs of people go then we are up. Still my nerves aren’t bad. I’m excited. I get hooked in and then BAM, there are the nerves. Major self-doubts. I thought it was because of the heights so I didn’t turn around. But that wasn’t it. I knew it wasn’t. I turned around and looked over the cliff twice and saw where I was headed and that wasn’t scary. I’m not sure what was stopping me. Well, I know now after some thought. It was the fact that I was in control of myself, it was my 2 hands that was going to be responsible and I’m not the strongest person in the world and that I had to lean back and trust this slack rope to tighten and then I could go. I’m going to give you the best play by play I can because it was funny.

“Oh dear God, I don’t think I can do this”
“Yes you can”
“No I can’t”
“Look while you are saying that you are backing up”
“Yea, I know but that doesn’t mean anything”
“Ok, nope I should get off. You can keep my money. I don’t think I can do this. I can’t. I can’t. Dear God”

Carli: “Laura, is it ok if I go?”
“Sure, go ahead”

“Just lean back Laura. You can do this”
“Uh, I don’t think so”
“Look, you’re almost there”
*voice wavers* “Yeeeaaaa”
“Oh dear God, did you hear her voice? She’s scared. This isn’t good. This isn’t good at all”

“Ok, I have to lean back further than this don’t I?”
“Yea…..you can do this”
“Ok, there are only 2 people than could convince me to do this and one is in Alberta and the other is half way down this cliff………this is worse than those trust games I won’t do even though I know my husband is behind me waiting to catch me”
“You are so close. You can do this”
“Ok I can do this”

Off I went.

*instructor yelling down to Carli* “Want me to lock you off to take a picture?”
“Nope, not this time thanks”

*me half way down* “Ok, tie me off and lock it and can you take a picture………………I might not do this again!!”

All the way down muttering “oh shit. Dear God. What the fuck am I doing? Man, Carli owes me. Oh shit. Wind stop blowing me around…etc etc”

But I made it and I loved it.

I went on to do it 6 times. 🙂

The hike back up was a frickin’ killer but so worth it.

It wouldn’t of been me if it didn’t go down like that. It’s just like Carli told them. This is what Laura does. She has to convince herself to do things but she does do them and she loves it. And Carli is right. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t second guess myself. It’s ‘my thing’. But I won’t miss any chance for an adventure, I might just not be as quick as the next person but I’ll do it and love it.

So all in all, our first planned & *real* Carli & Laura adventure was awesome. Went off without any real hitches! It will sound cheesy but it made me feel closer to Carli to be able to do this together even though I was petrified. There isn’t many people I would face down fear for. She’s one of them.

I wonder what we can plan for next summer??? Well, maybe not next summer but next time….


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