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    Mmmm C is for Cookie

    J and I went to a local Christmas market over the weekend and among the many things we bought. I got these cookies.  The names of them have suddenly eluded me…of course, when I go to blog about them I draw a blank. It’s cinnamon-y goodness that was light as air. It was deep-fried I’m sure but so good. There were 6 and sharing them with J isn’t *that* bad. But it was a Christmas market so the non-healthy food options are readily available and ok.

  • 2009,  food,  Pics,  Picture of the Day

    Blueberry Grunt (Day 82)

    Mmmmm….blueberry grunt. John’s new favourite dessert. I’m turning him into a bluenoser slowly, but surely. Since so many people out here have no idea what this pot of delicious-ness is. I’ll elaborate slightly. Make a blueberry sauce with some spices and simmer & reduce until ready.  While that is simmering make your sugar dumplings. Drop them into the sauce by the spoonful and put the lid on and walk away. Then out comes the dumplings.  Ok, this isn’t the usual…they aren’t usually spotted and whatnot but that was a Thanksgiving error. I turned the wrong burner up causing this to boil and spray blueberries everywhere in the pot. hehe Not…


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