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    Goodbye Lake Louise… (Day 36)

    …for now. This was our last photo of Lake Louise before we left to head back to the Hat.  So peaceful. So calming. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to live near by?! It could make me not miss the ocean as much, that is for sure. While we were there we also read why the water is so green/blue in a few of the lakes up in that region.  It has to do with what it called, “rock flour“.  It’s the grindings from the glacial movement. It goes into the runoff and surrounding lakes and for some reason blue is the only colour it won’t absorb, reflecting it back into your…

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    Our View from There

    This is what you see if you take the short walk from the Gondola.  That blue spot off in the distance, almost in the middle of the photo, is Lake Louise & our hotel. I wish our camera had a panoramic feature so you could take it all in. But alas, it doesn’t. So this is the prettiest picture of the panoramic I would like to show you. We are high up, eh?!

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    Up, Up, and Away

    So we decided we should go to the gondola since it’s something we’ve never done.  We haven’t done the one in Banff and said we would so we’ll do this one instead. It takes about 14 minutes on the gondola to get to the top.  Then a short walk (60 sec) to the look off point. Some people hike around and go to higher lookoffs and whatnot, but not us.  Not something we felt like doing. We just went up the gondola/chair lift for the experience and the view was a bonus.  But I wish it went higher.  Right to the top would have been nice.  There was a chair…

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    Don’t Feed the Bears (Day 33)

    And I didn’t even get to see 1. Not one bear.  Not one cracking of a branch. No growls.  No nothing.  I never get to see wild animals anywhere I go.  But honestly, I would not want to run into one of these. Maybe a moose but not a grizzly.  Heck, I’d even take a black bear over a Grizzly.  With signs like these who would want to even go hiking, even in a group.  No thank you.

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    Stunning (Day 32)

    So we are back. This lake would have to be my favourite I do believe. It’s a blue-er blue and just more peaceful or something. But I will say, the background in Lake Louise (i.e. the snowcapped moutains and glaciers) is spectacular. Both have their perks but on this day, Lake Moraine won. I think it must have been that I got to walk across a log damn on the edge of the lake and scale a rock mountain. I was feeling adventurous and rebellious. We did not take the path laid out for us. We opted for the road less taken and climbed up this rock face instead. In…


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