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Stunning (Day 32)

Day 32: Beautiful Lake Moraine
Day 32: Beautiful Lake Moraine

So we are back. This lake would have to be my favourite I do believe. It’s a blue-er blue and just more peaceful or something. But I will say, the background in Lake Louise (i.e. the snowcapped moutains and glaciers) is spectacular. Both have their perks but on this day, Lake Moraine won. I think it must have been that I got to walk across a log damn on the edge of the lake and scale a rock mountain. I was feeling adventurous and rebellious. We did not take the path laid out for us. We opted for the road less taken and climbed up this rock face instead. In flipflops I might add. Well, J had sneakers on.

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  • buffy

    u and ur flipflops…crazy. It is a pretty blue, so cold though. I used to associate that blue with the tropics but not anymore…lol

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