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Dear 18 year old me

Hi, it’s me. Laura. I’m now 26 years old…almost 27 and I felt that I needed, or you rather you needed, this letter. And no, I do not have kids. 26/27 is too early. I know what you always thought but frig, it’s too early. Bump up your “goals” by a few years. I wanted to give you some info or heads up about things you aren’t even aware of yet. But rest assured, it is me and I can prove it in 3 words. Dick and Pinky. So there that proves it, only Carli will remember what in the blue Hell I’m talking about. And for all the others that are reading this on my blog, get your mind out of the gutter…it’s nothing perverted. Just an inside thing between 16 year old best friends. Oh yea, Blog wasn’t big (and I wasn’t aware of it) when I was 20. Blog….it’s writing your journal/diary online for others to see. I love it. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

So, you now are finishing your first semester at University. I wanted to tell you to relax and enjoy the company of your floormates a little more. Don’t worry about your “Stellarton friends” on campus they will figure things out on their own. These ‘new’ people will get you through University and they are awesome. Don’t waste anymore time hiding out in your room. Just remember the old-school rapper named “Skeelo” and you’ll be fine. Also, returning after your first year to the same girls is going to be tough. You are all going to be moody. Just open the door to Steph Ball’s room. Yes, the girl who lives on your floor and is in all your classes but doesn’t talk to you. You 2 will become close friends and eventually roommates. It will be just fine.

And for the love of everything that is sacred….you are thinking about cutting your hair even shorter. Don’t. Just let it be and let it grow. Short hair isn’t easier to manage…it’s a lie. Plus, it’s not very flattering in the end when you are looking back. Just thought you’d like to know.

Drinking a quart of Smirnoff Blue Label and lime pop in less than 2 hours is not a good idea. Pay attention and take your time. hehe And by the way, I still don’t drink lime pop.

But heed this warning, you are going to Calgary soon and when you are going to pick up your Toronto Maple Leafs tickets….walk in front of Carli. Just trust me.

Fast forward a couple years. A girl named Lisa, who shares your taste in movies and music, is going to become one of the best people in your life. She is a great hair person too! This girl is going to introduce you to a guy and you are going to think he’s perfect. Heck, everyone else thinks he’s awesome. It is for almost 2 years…but you may want to proceed with caution. He doesn’t tell truths and this is the most important part. However, you get introduced to a guy named John one weekend (by one of your long lost sisters) just the week after meet the said “perfect guy.” You know he’s different. Take a chance. You’ve only known this other guy for 1 week. Go with the gut….you won’t be disappointed. But if you decide to let it play out, I ask only one thing. Will you just go to see Shannon at UCCB the second weekend in January in 02?

Here comes some advice. Don’t worry about University papers, exams, presentations, etc. You stress way too much. You always do well and you do not disappoint. Take solace in that.

You are stronger than you think. It’s never the end. You always make it through.

As you may have noticed, you and Kim are starting to slip apart but I want you to know that everything comes full circle eventually. Sometimes things just must run their course.

Don’t beat against the Diamondbacks.

However, what I’m about to say now is probably the most important. Go home the first weekend in April 2004 or the weekend before, just not the one after. Yes you will be broke and can’t afford it but just do it. Find the money and the time. Stop procrastinating and do it. Ask for help (financially) if you have to. Just do it.

Here’s a side note….the Leafs still haven’t won the Cup. It’s now going on 41 years.

I know this is a lot to comprehend and it all sounds crazy but it will make sense one day.

Love your future self.


    • Laura

      No thanks needed…you are. And definitely don’t worry about the boy….it was a learning experience. Plus I love the story of the breakup and how you packed up our apartment for me and even made him shower because you were taking the shower curtain! lol That’s awesome. Definitely best friend worthy…not just any friend would pull an awesome stunt like that. 😉

  • John

    Dick and Pinky? Ok I can’t get my mind out of the gutter. You definately have to elaborate on this later. And it would have been nice if you followed you gut. But everything did come full circle.
    Love you

    • Laura

      I will not. That has been kept among friends for 10 years now and that is where it is going to stay. When the day comes that Carli and I agree it’s ok, I’ll tell you. But don’t hold your breath! lol

      Best Friend trumps husband in this case.

      Oh and I love you too!

  • buffy

    they say hindsight is 20/20…but really who u r now is b/c of everything that happened along the way…would i warn my former self to avoid the tequila in alberta…or alberta itself…probably not then i wouldn’t have nolan. Its hard to believe how young we were once…i miss our long drunken rambles. When u do have them dozen or so kids (hehehe) and they hit teenage yrs i will render you my detective skills once again, Never had to use them on john and i’m pretty sure i won’t have to…right john?

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