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731 days

2 years ago. 2 years!! You were there for my first breath and I was there for your last. The gravity of those 2 moments are not lost on me as a Mother myself. I keep remembering the feeling when my kids entered this world and then think about them having to go through this … Continue reading »

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9 years

*Be forewarned, potential to be mushy* 9 years married today. 12 years together, 7 cars/Jeeps/vans, 3 apartments, 2 degrees, 3 provinces, 1 house (hopefully 2 sooner than later), 1 dog, and 3.5 kids (he he) later I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by my side learning how to navigate this crazy thing called life that we have. My rock, … Continue reading »

Categories: 2015, family, JAA, Pics, reflection, Relationships | 1 Comment

Drafts, drafts, so many drafts

If you could only see my draft list for posts. I’ve started so many posts about you. I started a Mothers’ Day post that I couldn’t finish. I couldn’t pull the words together and it just wasn’t done. I couldn’t get it to a place I was happy in sharing it. Maybe next year. I … Continue reading »

Categories: 2015, reflection | 1 Comment