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You’d think after all these months of eye appointments and retinal pictures and pupil dilating someone would have thought to mention that Noah also has bilateral retinal colobomas as well.

We were talking to our opthamologist today about his optic nerve colobomas and his possible visual field deficits when she corrected us and mentioned about the retinal colobomas. I instantly welled up. I know it doesn’t change a thing, he is who he was before this appointment. Mind you the one on the right is minuscule but I don’t remember how the left one was described but if it was anything like his optic nerve coloboma on the left it’s pretty significant.

But honestly how did no one think to mention it before? It’s been there since ~8 weeks gestation for Pete’s sake. I just like being in the know.

I just don’t know how the first opthamologist missed them if these have been seen the 2 times we’ve been at the vision clinic at the Children’s hospital. I specifically remember that day and her telling me about his vision loss and how devastated I was but I still took impeccable notes and wrote down that the good news was the retina was no effected.

So she was wrong. Ugh.

At least we know now so it’s on his file and in our own medical records at home. It still annoys me though.

I feel like we are due for some good news…. Or how about some great news. I’m so over the constant “oh yea BTW didn’t anyone tell you….” BS.


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