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Finally back to the land of the living

So it’s Saturday morning and I can now officially say that I feel better.  I ate a small meal last night with no ill effects. I waited 24 hours after my last ‘episode’. Went back to bed and slept forever.

I worry a bit because I felt like this yesterday morning and went to work in high spirits.  I soon started to crash and then had to takeabout 1/2 the day off. I got to stay home after my break because I was so tired. Probably from lack of sleep and slight dehyrdration.  I definitely overestimated my abilities. But I couldn’t justify calling in because I felt so wonderful when I awoke. I know better for next time. But may there not be a next time.

Gross tidbit for those of you out there that will re-live your teens or have teens with these metal contraptions on their teeth.

Braces+Flu = Gross. Extra Gross

I have a lot of tv to watch from this week since I didn’t have the energy or focusing ability to watch any of it. So that’s nice. Something to procrastinate the time while I should be packing.

That’s right. It’s the last weekend, last days I have to pack! Wahoo!

Yesterday afternoon I hauled my ass to the lawyers office. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. I looked like a bag of you can fill in the descriptor. I couldn’t stop yawning. Nor could I hide the big bags under my eyes. Then from there we had to drive through town to our house for our walk-through/inspection. I was so excited but finding it so hard to focus on this little British man in front of me. But I managed to get through.

We wanted to measure the bathroom downstairs so we can price things out. Well he just told us to stay as long as we want and lock up when we leave!

It was so nice.

Just us in our house.

We measured our bathroom. Took a close gander at our appliances and got model numbers so we could google them.

Checked out sinks, tubs, toilets.

Examined the nook where our bar is going to go. We did find out it’s going to be EASY to make our bar wet (i.e. have a sink) so that is a definite plus. We had basically come to the conclusion that we would just have to have a dry one and walk up to the kitchen if it was necessary. But nope!

It was almost surreal. It’s so close now it almost seems unobtainable. But it’s all going to be happening. Soon. Very soon!

Ok, I’m off to eat my first bout of dairy since Tuesday afternoon. Wish me luck! But I’m dying for some cereal. Mmmmm! Then it’s laundry and packing time.


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