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My new stove is Jewish

That’s right folks. You heard it here first.

I have a Jewish stove.  A kosher stove if you will.

Well when it wants it to be. Or more so, if the time ever arises I need it to be.

It has a Sabbath Day feature. Not that I will probably ever use it but it’s there. I guess new stoves automatically turn off after 12 hours of use but this feature overrides it. It’s a little more in depth than that but that’s the essence of it all.  It allows food to be warm on Jewish Sabbath without breaking the rules about doing it.  There’s definitely more about it and “the rules” than that but it’s nothing google can’t explain to you kind folks.

It’s a very clever marketing ploy but at the same time, a very good idea. Good on them.

But that is not why I’m here. I’ve been distracted.

I came on to ramble on about my stove/oven….hence the previous paragraphs…but nothing to do with that little feature.

It’s the “Dual Element Bake” that has my knickers in a knot.

It’s friggin’ sweet.

What is this do you ask? Why am I excited about? Why should you care?

Well let me tell you.

Q1 – It’s pure awesomeness for baking cheesecakes, cookies, loaves, cakes in general. It’s a little feature that the oven does to evenly cook items through on bake mode. In essence it flops the heat from the top and bottom element so it cooks evenly. Not through the bottom, which can ruin many a cheesecake for those who are not attuned to making cheesecake.  Maybe it doesn’t flop it per se, but both elements do get used in the process so the top can brown without drying things out. God, I couldn’t wrap my head around this at first due to my excitement. I know what it means and what it’ll do but I can’t convey it. I probably don’t have to either since you all get it as well, maybe, probably, but whatever. I’m in awe.

Q2 – Who in their right mind wouldn’t be excited about this?! Yes, I hate when people answer a question with a question but I just did it. So there! The real answer is: because I’m a dork!  It’s going to change my world…especially in the biscuit department. No longer will I have to cook the biscuits and then finish them off on broil for the beautiful light brown colour on the top. *drool* Frig, that is going to have to be the first thing I do. Maybe I’ll make those this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m sure my brother and J won’t mind me testing this puppy out!

Q3 – You should care because it makes me happy. *gag* Ok, you should care because maybe it means I will bake more. Maybe it means I will be able to draw you out west to me.  This is my master plan. *insert evil laugh here* “Perfect recipes+Sweet, new appliances and gadgets=People coming out to see me to get some of my delicious cooking and awesome company.”  Sounds like the perfect plan to me. And if it fails, I’ll be happily eating baked goods in my new kitchen with my hubby. I *guess* I’ll have nothing to complain about. But just think about it.  It’s a win-win no matter what happens.

I take joy in the little things.

I already realize I’m a dork and I revel in it.

I will not be ashamed.

Ready yourselves.


  • Jillian

    This means that you will be cooking me more sweets that i know i shouldnt have but i can be a taste tester lol…..i would just happy to have a kitchen aid but i dont want one till i move to a house, no counter space here :show:

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