2008,  Pics

For Meghan

…..and I guess anyone else who wants to take a look at my dresses and possibly give any opinions. hehe

Here are a couple pics of the dress I have to wear for Kimball’s wedding since you were wanting to see what I was wearing. I’m still unsure if I’m going to wear it as I’m having some self-esteem issues in it and it doesn’t seem to be fitting right. I’m going to get it altered a bit and hopefully wear it but if not, I’m taking the other one just in case. So there are 2 dresses, both I love. I love the first one more but I think I like the second one better on more….there’s less cleavage in that one and whatnot. But yea, hopefully you seeing these help you out as there isn’t much time left now!  Wahoo!!!


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  • Meghan

    Thanks 🙂 They’re both cute!! I have a feeling mine might look like a formal dress :S But the material on yours was what I was trying for. Oh well if I’m over dressed I can always claim its because it’ll be my first time seeing Dane in a suit! I have to get a crown on my tooth and the way they do it here is slow so I basically have to go until I come home :S I’m getting excited though!!!!!

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