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I totally forgot to tell you about this I think and I miss you so I made you a video….. the pics say it all…. I threw in a few extras too just for fun. hehe Just wait for it 😉

Hopefully you have speakers/earphones, there is music. (lol)

I hope you (and everyone else) enjoys it. 😉

Download Video
Please be patient if it doesn’t load right away. I’m just learnin’.

Quick story about after the stall…. after our shinanagins we opened the stall door and went to walk out. There was a big, kind of butchy, back mountain Momma in front of us. She looked at Jill and I with such disgust in her eyes and said “oh lovely.” I took one look at her and stared her right in the eye & said “Uh, yah, we’re lesbians…so…” in the most sarcastic voice I could muster…started laughing and walked away. I’m some glad she didn’t take a swing at me or something because she seemed like the type. But there’s another night to go down in our history books of the “Adventures of Laura & Jill”….


    • Laura

      Glad to hear you are caught up….for a long while I didn’t think people were reading it and I was debating stopping. :whistle:

      That was definitely an interesting night…

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