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Wow, talking about things changing in the blink of an eye!!! Holy. My world was spun on it’s axis on Thursday about 3pm. We knew things were rough at the centre but holy crap. What…I might not have work in 2 days…..wtf!? It was such an overwhelming shock to the system. I should have expected it I suppose but I never thought it would. We are the only place in South-Eastern New Brunswick that offers services specially for student parents. I know the statistics of what will more than likely happen if/when our centre is forced to close. The outlook is a grim one for these parents who are trying their best to beat the odds. It is my pleasure to work, play, and teach these children. Not just for my sake, but for all the kids I hope something comes through from somewhere. We need a miracle.

So, on a lighter note now. I went to the Speed Sport Car Show this morning with my Dad and John. I love that stuff. Sooo many great muscle cars. What makes people think that they can ‘pimp out’ (I use that term VERY lightly) a civic or neon or acura for that matter and think they are too cool. Ew. However, back to the muscle cars…I wish I wasn’t poor…the car I WILL HAVE one day was being sold on 2 separate occasions by their owners. Two 1969 Chevelle SS’ 396 with my name written on them. I can’t wait til the day comes when I can get one and restore it. A 396 big block 4spd (8 Cylinders) with 350Hp (before alterations by my Dad & I) with ‘wild strawberry’ (pink) paint with 2 white racing stripes….oh yea, I can see it now!!

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