2010,  Maternity

I’m normal again…:P

So I had my second regular appointment (monthly one) with the Maternity Clinic the other day. And all was great! Well minus the fact that my blood pressure was high. The nurse took it twice just to make sure and said if the Dr. is concerned he’ll probably retake it.  She just attributed it to rushing in from work, up to the 3rd floor and not even getting to sit down in the waiting room before being called in.  Which is probably true. I had a stressful day at work, I was worried about a friend (turns out everything is perfect with her & her baby), and it was just crazy. I’m sure it will be normal next time. I’ve never had high blood pressure in my life. It’s just another blip.

After 10 min or so the Dr. came in and he just asked if I had any questions. Went over all my bloodwork results, which by the way are fine.  Reviewed all my test results from the previous weeks when I was in and out of the ER and those were great. So then he said it was time to hear the heartbeat! Sweet! I never mentioned I have a doppler. But I was still nervous for a split second, always am. What if what I thought was the heartbeat was mine or something. But nope, he put the doppler down and there it was. Loud and clear for all to hear. 150-155bpm.

Then he gave me my note so I can get pregnancy massages (free I might add! hehe) and off I went to schedule my appt. for next month. It’s going to be a busy day on Feb 10. I have an orthodontics appointment at 8am, anatomy & gender ultrasound at 11:45, and then my maternity clinic appointment that afternoon. Yep, it’s going to be busy but I figured since I have that day off I might as well get all my appointments on that one day and be done with it.

Oh yea, I gained weight. Obviously. I knew it was going to happen and honestly was expecting it because there isn’t much mistaking my belly now. And I really don’t care. I don’t know for sure what weight I started at but I have an idea. I’m up a bit from that but not an insane amount. After all I am growing a baby. It’s all for a good cause and nothing to get my knickers in a knot about!  I actually like it. I’m eating healthy and feeling great so bring on the weight. 😛 It means a strong, healthy, growing little one. I’ll take it.

Best part of the other day. Hearing the words, you are a typical pregnancy. You are routine. I honestly welled up when I got into the car and thought about it. It’s been over 8 weeks now since I was “normal” or “typical” or “routine.”  To hear those words was one of the most comforting things I’ve heard in a long time.

I, and the world, breathed a huge sigh of relief and joy! 🙂


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