2008,  JAA

I can’t believe it’s all over a pinky ring ;)

It’s like a fat kid in a candy store….it’s like a kid on Christmas…the excitement is here and John couldn’t contain it. I don’t blame him either. Years ago it seemed so far off in the distance it’s hard to imagine the time has come.

It’s now after 4:30. In a few short minutes the doors to the Beaverbrook Conference room are going to be locked for an hour and the “secret” ceremony Canadian Engineers go through will begin! Then it’s food and then one big party. Why it’s not on a Friday is beyond me. Oh well….I’m going to be tired tomorrow…

It’s been a long time coming.

John did all the work but I still feel like *I* accomplished something as well. It’s a weird feeling. It’s all him and I couldn’t be happier. One proud wifey here. 😉

This is in ode to John and all his hard work.

We’ll be sure to post lots of pictures of this monumental day of epic proportions for you all to see.

It’s hard to believe it’s all over a little ring worn on your dominant hand pinky. Note: John’s pinky is bigger than my all my fingers! 😛

So way to go John. One step closer to the end!!

:cheers: So here’s to my now Official ‘unofficial’ Engineer! :drunk:

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