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It’s 8:20pm and I’m still in my robe….

What a sweet Sunday it has been. 🙂 You can’t beat it. I finally have my finals written from last term and am on track for this term. Soon I’ll have papers and midterms but I’m going to enjoy this relaxing Sunday while I can….guilt-free! I honestly haven’t moved my ass off this couch except to get life sustaining necessities. I’ve seen some pretty dumb movies though….but at least I haven’t been paying that close attention.

I’ve been working on the websites, mainly this blog thing and trying to get the new layout off of the ground. One little letter or comma throws the whole thing down into the pit of oblivion. Bah. But I think I finally got it….well except that damn bar that should be on the right side and it’s underneath the blog itself. I have no idea what is causing that. I have changed all things I possibly could, well that I could think of, and it stays there. Funny thing is, is that the first time I installed this those lists were in the right way but comments won’t submit. Now everything works but the list is down below. Man, if someone out there could help me with that I would appreciate it so much. I just can’t stop trying to figure it out but I want to get away from this screen….

I’m slowly going crazy….123456 switch.


  • laura

    Ok, I totally fixed it on my own! Go me, go me! 🙂 HAHA

    It was one damn post that was screwing up everything…it was supposed to be a paragraph tag and I was missing a closing bracket. That’s it. It just went that way from the copy and pasting I did when backing up my site. Gah. Oh well, I’m SMRT and figured it out on my own. Perseverance paid off in this instance….:)

  • John

    Hey sweetie, this is pretty intense. I knew it would come together, it just took some time. i wish i could have helped more with it, but when it comes to stuff like this I’m pretty useless. I will keep commenting on your blogs…since i will be at school a lot…..maybe you can help me set one up. lol
    i love you laura…


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