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It’s one of those days where you don’t want to wake up…

everything’s f&#^ed, everybody sucks. You don’t really know why but you feel like ripping someone’s head off!”

Well I do know why actually. It’s Thursday night, normally my favourite night of the week, but I’m sitting here alone on the couch. My hubby is up the hill on Priestman in a hospital bed. 🙁 It is the first time since we’ve been married that we’ve slept apart and I don’t care for it. He doesn’t either. He’s not sleeping well at all, nor am I for that matter…it doesn’t help that they wake him almost every hour to check his vitals…but I miss that big furnace of mine when I’m in my big bed freezing, all alone.

However, I crawl into bed with him at the hospital because it’s more comfortable than this special chair they have. We had a monster nap tonight. Hopefully it made him feel better because he actually got to sleep for a couple of hours without being woken up. There is this old guy across the way that must think I’m weird or something. John was made to sit in the chair and I crawled into the bed and relaxed. hehe Maybe he’s jealous. Maybe he wants someone to crawl into bed and lie with him. lol

By now, everyone must know about the misfortune had by John. If not, here’s the story…sorry if it gets long. It all begins Wednesday the 14th at 8:30am. John shut the alarm off and I woke him up and he threw on clothes and went out the door to school within 3 min. However, within 5 minutes the phone was ringing. I didn’t answer the first time because I thought it was the landlord saying they were coming to replace the shower head but then the phone rang right afterwards again. Then I knew it was John. I answered it and he hung up in my ear. I called back 3 times….no answer. I figured he was in class and would call me back later…he must have forgot something.

Then he calls back and says ever so calmly that he is on his way to the hospital. I thought he got into a car accident but then he said he broke his ankle. He fell and broke his ankle. It was pointing to the right instead of pointing straight. I cabbed it to our car after rounding up some of his stuff and then drove to the hospital. AFTER I got directions. I’ve lived here for 2 years and just realized I had no idea where the hospital was…but I found it.

I got there just as his foot was about to be set. I said Hi and waved and they put him under for 5 minutes…I went to wait in the waiting room. I came back and his foot was at least pointing straight. Then to X-rays. John was cracking jokes and having a grand time then the Dr. comes in to inform us he’s going to need surgery. Ok, cool. Not a problem. But this surgery had to be today. Gah. So I went outside and got Dane & Meghan to find the number for Mary’s work so I could let John’s parents know. Many phone calls and whatnot and then it was game time.

Surgery 3:30. Done surgery 5:30. In his room around 6:00ish. He’s been a real trooper. He couldn’t be put to sleep either because he still has a lung infection so they paralyzed him from the chest down and gave him some pain pills. So yea, he was awake through the whole procedure. I don’t think I could have handled that.

He’s in great spirits….same old John…just has 12 screws and a plate in his dislocated/broken ankle. He’s hoping to get home tomorrow….it all depends on the crutches situation. All his tubes and needles were taken out today so that’s a start. The Dr says he’s making great progress and should be out tomorrow evening or Sat. at the latest. Here’s hopin. I miss him. I’ll be kept busy for a long while but it’s ok…he’s taken care of me for months before…I can handle this. I just may need Dane to help me get him up the stairs his first time back…because I wouldn’t be able to support him if he teeters or falls. But I can handle it after that. It’ll be a lot of early mornings…I won’t be used to that but I’ll do whatever it takes.

I’ve already emailed all his profs and groups and I even got his done assignments handed in. I’m doing well. I haven’t forgotten anything he’s asked for yet. But how can you when he normally responds to wanting anything by saying “just to see your face in the morning” or “you to come visit me.” How could I say no to that!? 😉

So ankle, if you are listening, get better fast so John can come home to me and start his recuperation period so he may be able to keep his summer job…that’s up in the air now. Bah. We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

Update on John, now complete! 😉


  • Lisa Boutilier

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering how you guys made out! God love him….he keeps that attitude he’ll be better in no time. Please rub his head and tell him I said tyo get better soon!

    I’ll talk to you over the weekend.


  • Jillian

    :sorry: John, i miss you laura, wish i could have came up this weekend, we need a pubcrawl soon!!! :paddys: have a happy st pattys day

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