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Laura likes to….

Posted by on May 11, 2007

play blog games. Here is another one. It’s just like my “Laura needs” post except this time I googled “Laura likes to” (don’t forget the quotes). You can do it too if you want. (lol) It’s fun and a way to procrastinate for like 5 mins or less. Here are the first 10 answers I got.

  1. Laura likes to have a rocky edge.
  2. Laura likes to wear pastels.
  3. Laura likes to read dog books.
  4. Laura likes to cook.
  5. Laura likes to talk on the phone with her friends.
  6. Laura likes to drive real fast.
  7. Laura likes to watch the boys play.
  8. Laura likes to have fun with friends, relatives, and also with her colleagues
  9. Laura likes to golf and play softball.
  10. Laura likes to listen to music.

One Response to Laura likes to….

  1. Laura

    My name is Laura too, so I did the same search a few minutes ago. Here’s what I got:

    1. Laura likes to be admired.
    2. Laura likes to talk on the phone with her friends.
    3. Laura likes to reminisce.
    4. Laura likes to curl her luscious long mane into well formed stunning spiral curls.
    5. Laura likes to dance.
    6. Laura likes to watch the boys play.
    7. Laura likes to eat burritos and loves to listen to Prince records.
    8. Laura likes to say, ‘visitatin’.
    9. Laura likes to grow the business and achieve increased sales.

    And my all time favorite:
    10. Laura likes see how hard the ground is on a daily basis.

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