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Merry Grinchmas! ;)

So this weekend John and I got our apartment ready for Christmas….well almost! We have our tree and we got it up and decorated! It’s just awesome. It’s so Christmas-y in here now. I just wanted to share my pics with everyone. I had a hard time deciding which pictures to choose but here is a taste. :santa:

You can go to our photo gallery and see the rest of the pics at photos.myviewfromhere.com in the Christmas 2007 folder. I supposed that last part wasn’t necessary because you aren’t stupid but just in case someone is having a off day I’d thought I’d be obvious! hehe

So the fun part getting ready for Christmas is done now. I just have a lot of baking left to do and a lot of cleaning. I also have some gifts left to get and I’m dreading it because I had to go to the mall today to get some more tree lights and it was beyond crazy in there. Oh, I can’t wait. haha Too bad I couldn’t do it all online. :p

So without further adieu….

So Happy Holidays and enjoy the next 16 days or so! 🙂 :santa:

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