What a day ;)

What a day, what a day.

The morning was awesome. The afternoon was awesome…that is until about 3:30pm.  Then came the bath in the bathroom. Someone decided to fill the bathroom as though it were a bath, almost 0.5-1″ of water. They were standing by the sink on the stool dumping water on the floor, just out of my sight. Then I see water go flying across the bathroom. ACK!

A big mop and a bucket later it was swept up.

It was then when most of the kids decided to lose their “listening ears”.  They sense when staff is a little stressed or when another staff is missing and they just know and many try to take advantage.

However, cleaning up water and not letting the boundaries be altered is all I could do. All I could to do to preserve sanity for all.  I like it when I’m “tested.” It keeps me on my toes. Also, it doesn’t help that it makes the day go by a lot quicker. lol

I wonder what tomorrow has in store as it’s our Holiday singalong so our schedule will be off. Luckily I don’t let many things faze me. Although, I may get crankier when I’m home but at work, it doesn’t get to me all that much. I like spontaneity and I can remain calm even when my insides are boiling. I guess you’d call it evenkeeled.

However, for some reason it’s not like that when I’m home.  Maybe because they are kids and are just learning or whatever, but I have the patience of Job (even if it’s pretend patience) when with the kids.

Wonder what tomorrow has in store for us… 😉

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