2007,  Pics

My view from this small piece of earth I inhabit

Welcome to my world…..

Somewhere in Odell

Summer is here….my inaugural Bubblegum Ice Cream cone of summer

John enjoying his “puppy paws”

Us enjoying a walk and our ice cream


The Biggest Mallard I have EVER seen!

Yours Truly

Isn’t he cute!??!

Caterpillar that looks just like a twig

Trees everywhere!

Obligatory Ring shot…look at the bling (it’s the first *real* clear shot I’ve taken of it)

What was that?!?!

Crazy squirrel….

Cute couple! hehe

Here we are again…BBQ some pork chops! 🙂

Making me homesick…but music to my ears!

We’re all looking at that same big sky…

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