2007,  rants'r'us

I am content

Being content. What does that mean? It’s the “thing” that many people strive for. The thing they are constantly looking out for. It’s the thing people are focusing on, allowing their life to pass them by.

People can’t just be. They are always wanting more and focusing on the “more.” Is there anything wrong with that? In theory, no. People should always want more for themselves. Always want to push themselves further. It’s one of the basic “human” drives. However, to not be able to appreciate the “moment” means everything is wrong with “wanting more.” If you can’t sit back and appreciate what just happened, what you just bought, what something means without thinking of improvements, work to do be done, what could possibly go wrong, etc you need to take a step back. You need to reflect. You need to figure out why “everything isn’t enough.” Everything changes. What one can consider “everything” changes over time but you should be able to obtain “everything you want.” It shouldn’t be a constant battle.

Step back and enjoy for a minute. Step back and stop racing for the future. Step back and just be.

To “just be” is bliss.

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