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Need help personalizing

Ok I know I want to have some geometric patterns in our bedroom. Preferrably the curtains and preferrably with overlapping circles/rings of some sort.

So the picture for today is a few shots of circles and whatnot that have kind of inspired me. The only problem is that I can’t find any curtains like these or any material to make the curtains I have in my head.

Day 84: Circular Pattern Material
Day 84: Circular Pattern Material

So that is some of my inspiration. I would prefer light, I think, but dark would be ok too. I’m going to base the paint colour around the curtains. I was originally thinking light funky curtains on a dark purple wall with grey accent walls or grey and black with yellow and/or purple accents. Sorry I have trouble articulating what is in my head. And with the latter it wouldn’t even have to be circular patterns, just something funky. Something dramatic.

I know I’m just going to know when I see the fabric but there is just one fabric store here in MH and there was nothing funky. Well, that’s not true. Just nothing funky that didn’t remind me of old lady or just plain ol’tacky.

I need help finding material.

So in your travels to material stores. Think of me. Snap pics on your cellphone if you can and send them to me. Because I am willing to get it shipped from anywhere.

I just want to get our room personalized and painted. I want to get rid of some of this tan/light brown that is all over our house. I need to make it ours.

I’m at a loss on how to do that.

All my windows need curtains but I can’t find my inspiration or taste. I need help.

Most of you know what each room looks like, if not I can refresh. I need suggestions. I need help. It’s my mission to make everything our own. Finally. 5 months later.

Help. Me. Please.

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  • Jillian

    its just my opinion but i think a nice grey wall with some accent curtains would look good either with purple or turquoise, i love the circle concept….then u could get some nice side tables maybe white?

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