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So it’s October, right?!

I wake up and hear the radio people talking about car accidents and icy roads and I think I’ve been in a coma and woke up 3 months later. When it really is winter. But I just shrug it off because supposedly it was snowing one day last week for like 2 hours and I come outside after listening to people complain and see nothing. Maybe a dusting. I don’t even know if you’d call it that. It was like dandruff. Dry, flaky, blowing in the breeze dandruff.

But not this morning.

I lay awake listening to the radio and finally haul my arse out of bed. Look out my window and see this.

Day 83....Do you see what I see
Day 83....Do you see what I see



I was just on the weather network the night before and it said nothing of snow. Now it said 5-10cm. So friggin’ weird. The worst, or best, part of it all is that it is going to be 23º on the weekend. It’s still calling for that today. Tomorrow is supposed to be 10. Heck, by the time I got out of work at lunch all this snow was pretty much melted.

Tomorrow will take the last remnants.

But it was shocking.

John wanted to get our winter tires put on the other day but once we heard that it’s going to be 10-23º for like 5 days, it wasn’t worth it.  It’s not good on the tires. The very expensive Michelin tires that we have.

I will say this though, this is one of the only times the snow was sticky and like back home. Probably the only time this winter it will be like that too…. since it’s fall and it was above zero all day (even when it was snowing).

Weird mountainous Alberta weather.


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