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No Real Updates…Just Been Busy

Where has the time gone??? Wow. There is only a few weeks left in the semester and then it’s the dreaded finals!! But then it’s CHRISTMAS!! I can’t wait. But judging by the odd weather we’ve been having it probably won’t be a white one. 🙁 But who am I to complain since I have only had to break out the winter jacket once or twice…it was still 13c the other day. That’s unreal for this time of year. 😉

Oh yea, got my grades back from D-day and I did a lot better than I thought I was going to. I ended up in tears when it was all done but it worked out in my favour. I got a B+ on the English paper (probably the best I’ve ever done in English…premodern lit at that), A, A, and B+ on the other. Not too shabby-dabby if I do say so myself. haha **pat on my own back pat**

So it’s only 9 months to the day to the big day. John and I have a lot of planning and meetings to go through until then. It’s going to be busy but I CAN’T WAIT!! My dress is going to be in in January…supposed to be the first week or so but because of Christmas it may be a bit later. No later than the 3rd week so that’s exciting. I have to go to Halifax February 6th anyways for the Bridal Showcase at the WTCC. That’ll be a great weekend too I’m sure. Hopefully Chateau Boutilier will be open. haha

Not much news to report…that’s the update. I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t had time to have a life.

PS – John got skates so I get to go skating on Tuesday! I can’t wait. I better find some padding for the butt it’s be a while. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to stop. haha

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