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    May 29, 2008

    I had all intentions of blogging on that day or for that day but instead I worked half a day, came home & took John to the SUB, got dressed, drove John’s family to the grad, went to dinner, unpacked the van, drove Jerry to the Northside to go canoeing, and then packed into all hours of the night. So better late than never it is. This was a day many years in the making and I couldn’t believe it was time to see John walk across that stage. Once we saw his name on the grad list, Saturday the 24th, it became all the more real. It gaveus something…

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    J’s last exam

    So right now, J is sitting in C9 writing his last exam for his undergrad. I’m so proud! He’s going to come home happy, probably acting very subdued, and exhausted!!! It’s been a busy few weeks for him between assignments, finals, organizing a visit from my friends for my birthday, taking care of me, etc etc. He’s going to feel like dropping I’m sure. And the great guy that he is has volunteered to come in and work at the centre tomorrow. Well not volunteer exactly, as he’s getting paid, but you know what I mean. It’s J and he’s great! I wish I had all the money in the…

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    Oh me nerves

    I’m just as nervous as he is I’m sure….Well maybe not but whatever. hehe I can kind of imagine how parents feel when their kids are doing something big/special. I’m starting to get it. John’s big presentation is in like 30 minutes and I’m a ball of nerves. I’m sitting here waiting….trying to not think about it….stall almost. But it’s not happening. 3 years of Civil have built up to this. This is the *big show* in terms of his classes. I’m really glad I was able to make it. I can’t imagine being at work and wondering how things are going. I like to be sure. I am just…

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    Exam Saturdays suck

    So here I am on a Saturday afternoon sitting on the couch with nothing to do. Well I do have reading I could be doing…but it’s still at the library so I’m going to leave it there until I have to go and pick up John to take him to and from his exam. I’ll put in my 3 hours tonight. 🙂 My final this morning couldn’t have went any better I don’t think. It was one of those things where I totally spent time on only the stuff she asked in the short answer/essays. However, someone of the multiple choice was iffy…that damn chapter on psychoneuroimmunology really screwed me…

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    So break is basically over….

    …and what did we do? Absolutely nothing. 🙁 Our plans were squashed by this monster cold we got. It’s a week later and John is still really sick. We’ve been to the Dr. twice but this lung infection didn’t even budge. Now we are back to doing school work all day…it’s like we never left that. How on earth is that fair? I guess we didn’t deserve to have a stressfree, fun break. I’m bitter, can you tell!?! I’m actually beyond bitter. I’m pissed. We needed this time to just let loose but we can’t even leave our apartment without feeling like shit and nearly coughing up our lungs. Where’s…


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