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Ode to the Cosmo

I meant to do this months ago but kept forgetting so I’m doing it now. 😉

So this is my ode to Cosmo. Also known as Skank-mo, Crotch-mo, among many others. I spent many a hazy night there, dancing as if my life depended on it. Many great friends and many great nights!

It was the first bar I went to in Moncton. Mel and I made a big ol’production out of that one…..bahahaha. And many, MANY times after that.

I’ve seen things I’ve never wanted to see at Cosmo. (lol) I’ve seen things that have made me laugh for a lifetime. I have seen things that kept me entertained.

People *wink wink* falling down those spiral stairs on the dance floor. Drinks. Black lights, white bras. Drinks. Balcony with many prying eyes. Drinks. Same stalls. Drinks. Fights. Drinks. :p

Cosmo nights seemed to give the biggest hangovers I can ever remember. It was brutal. However, I (and many others) still laugh about me and the side of Salisbury Road. Then there was the time I plowed through my second Dad to get to the bathroom, without even answering his “how was the night?”. Then there was another time I just sat in the snowbank not wanting to go into Mel’s because of how ‘lovely’ I felt. Oh, but I stilled loved Cosmo.

Man, cosmo how the “new generation” will miss thee. hehe

Did you know that I actually met John at the Cosmo? Well actually at Doc’s but then we went to the Cosmo and the three of us tore up the dance floor. He tried. I was taken. But that’s life.

I could post so many stories but we can take them to our graves if we want. I’m not putting them out on the blog-o-sphere for the world to see. Those who already know them, know them. hehe

So Club Cosmo, you held many great memories….those will also be in the forefront of my mind…it was awesome.


  • Melissa Duffy

    LMAO….OMG…I loved the Cosmo….I will better rember them by keeping my mouth shut though….if those walls could talk…I miss those times Laura..well some of them… hahahahahahaha

    • Laura

      Yea I’m glad those walls couldn’t talk….although I would have liked to been a fly on the walls on a couple of evenings! LOL What times… but I’ve grown up and matured since then! :p

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