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Oh what a life I lead

Ok, I had this well written post then used my better judgment and removed it.  I didn’t use names or anything. I just vented and told some funny things I’ve heard and some down right frustrating ones I’ve come across. However, I was worried someone might actually be reading this and might actually care what I’m saying. So I took it out. Let’s just say, I’ve learned a lot more about people and their strange habits and beliefs.

On with bigger and better things.

Fostering individuality is important. Parents letting their children dress themselves is awesome. You just never know what you are going to end up with. The other day I had a semi-spider man and it wasn’t Halloween.  It was pretty frickin sweet if you ask me.

Oh yea, that reminds me of Halloween. Such a great day. The kids were so cute. A lion, 2 batmans, a clown, a butterfly, mini mouse, Diego, a Vampire and a Spiderman. The kids were rockin it. I can only imagine all the candy they recieved. I taught them well. :p

“Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!” 

Ok, before anyone says anything it’s the title of a kid’s Halloween book that we read together. I just happened to add “Not too big, not too small, just the size of Montreal!” It made them laugh everytime and it made me laugh everytime they tried to repeat it.

We’re now starting a “Month of Munsch.” Yep, you can guess what that’s about…it’s a Robert Munsch book featured daily. It’s been great so far. Mind you it’s only day 2 but how can one go wrong with Munsch. The kids love him (as do I – BONUS) and it’s entertaining and educational.

Yesterday we were all Prince Ronalds and Princess Elizabeths (well singular as there was only one girl).  We made and decorated crowns. Gotta love the “Paper Bag Princess.” Today we were the wind (Wind/Blow Painting/Painting with straws).  Can you guess the book?! If you guessed “Millicent and the Wind” you would be correct. You’ll have to  stay tuned to see what other shinanagins I get into this month! 😉

Well that’s enough for now.  If you want to know what my big vent/frustration was…msg, call or email me. Although if you saw my msn name, it would have been a hint as well. I did receive a few calls from inquiring minds so I was able to vent that way.


  • Mom

    ok, after reading this it sounds like Halloween was a great time…any pics you can share with me??? of course, I have to get you to e-mail or talk to me via the telephone or msn about what it was you were venting about, you’ve once again managed to make me curious lol waiting to hear from you (don’t keep me in suspense too long ok? lol)

    love, Mom

    • Laura

      Mud Puddle day was AWESOME. Painting with “mud”…also known as Chocolate Pudding. The classroom remained relatively clean. It was all on the paper/table with just a few drops on the floor. HOWEVER, I did have to change each kid. There shirts were brown and I even had to change the pants on a few. The messiest part other than the clothes was then the bathroom. It was on the taps, soap dispenser and counter since they leaned across the counter edge to wash their hands. Every parent noticed and commented on their child wearing different clothes. No one seemed to be bothered by it thank goodness. It was a great time. The kids got so dirty and they loved it. I loved it as well. Gotta love work and getting to be a big kid.

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