The “F-Word”

Did you know the “F-word” is FART.

Yes, that’s right. In my classroom the “F-word” is FART.

As in toot, pass wind/gas, flatuance.

It’s not the good ol’ word that rhymes with Duck. The word I may use on occasion. Ok, more than on one occasion. It’s a very common word in my weekend vocabulary actually.

I found it hard not to laugh. I heard one of the kids actually use the real F-word and told someone to F-You. But it was followed by the word Fart and this caused another child to get raised up in arms over the use of this word. The other big F-bomb flew under the radar undetected. Well, undetected by everyone but me and the child saying it.

I just thought others would be entertained by this. I know I was.

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